April 4th – The Last Day

On the last day, we had a bit of fun taking turns sitting on the boat and rowing with some brooms.

We took a lot of pictures and also took down our work platform. Everything was disassembled to be returned to the WBMNL for reuse in the future.

It was good to see the boat unobstructed.

One of the participants from the evening class bought the boat, and will finish the remaining inboard work as well as the paint.

That evening, the boat left the Education Building and went to Mount Pearl to be put on display for the Downhome Expo.

I have reached my destination in my boat building journey, and while it has come to an end, I will carry all I learned for the rest of my life!

Thank you so much to the Wooden Boat Museum, The Faculty of Education, Jerome Canning, and David Gill for this amazing experience!

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March 28 – Turning the boat over and working the frames

I didn’t write a journal entry for this day, which I regret now of course, but that’s how it goes, sometimes.

On the 28th, we turned the boat over. All the planks are on now, so it’s time to do the inboard work. The boat only weights 250lbs, so it wasn’t too difficult to turn over. The hardest part was aligning the keel with the stand.

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March 26 -Screwing down a plank!

From my Facebook posts on that day:

Before class, I worked more on my technical evaluation. I was supposed to give my presentation today about the rabbet lines and the addition of the hog but I wasn’t ready. I had to ask Jerome some questions, which I have done, so I am looking forward to putting together all my materials this afternoon.

I was so delighted to see that one side is totally planked already. It looks so good!

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March 21 – Technical presentations and planking

From my journal that day:

I got in a little bit early today because I took the bus in. I got some sad news this morning so I was really looking forward to class to take my mind off it, and it helped a lot.

When I got in Jerome was sharpening tools. He also had a plank in the steam box.

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March 19th – Making plank patterns

From my journal entry for that day:

Last weeks classes were cancelled because Jerome was under the weather. I went in on Tuesday, the 11th, before I checked my email where I found an email telling me class was cancelled. I did research at MUNFLA on that day instead.

A make-up class was offered on that Friday, the 15th, but that was my birthday and my family came in so I spent the day with them. We had shipwreck, also called seven layer dinner, I have recently found out, and lemon angel food cake.

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March 6th – I’ve Got Mail

One of the reasons that I was interested in learning how to build a boat is that my parents (as well as many other family members over the years) are fishers.So, I spent a good bit of time out in boat as a kid. Over Christmas, my parents asked me if I wanted to go fishing with them and I figured I would give it a go!

My fishing license came in the mail on the 6th of March and we have all been very excited since then.